We offer a number of services, detailed below:

DPC Injection and Associated Re-Plastering Work

  1. -To cure rising damp and replace defective plaster.

Timber Treatments and Associated Repairs

  1. -To eradicate woodworm and other insect attacks, and as a preventative measure.

  2. -Repair to timbers affected by decay or woodworm.


  1. -Installation of air bricks for sub-floor ventilation.

  2. -Installation of Passifier® air vents to help cure condensation in cavity wall properties.

Dry Rot Treatments and Associated Repairs

  1. -Treatment of areas where dry rot has occurred.

  2. -Removal of affected timbers and adjacent plaster prior to treatments, and replacing plaster and timbers to reinstate.

Allgood Treatments

Specialists in Rising Damp and Woodworm